Today is LIVESTRONG Day!

Join the fight, share a message, and show your support. For every message shared, generous donors have pledged to give the Lance Armstrong Foundation $1 towards programs and services that directly support people fighting cancer.


Crunch Time

Well, an email I just got in my inbox says that our $10,000 minimum fundraising requirement with Survivor Summit is due in less than 2.5 weeks by June 15. I’m $675 away from this important goal.

So please donate if you are able! You won’t just be helping me meet the requirement to climb Kilimanjaro, you’ll be supporting LIVESTRONG's programs and services for cancer fighters and survivors everywhere.

I hope one of the next updates I can make is that I made the fundraising goal! Thanks so much to everyone for the support so far!


Less than 45 Days Left!

Every day, I’m getting closer to climbing Kilimanjaro to raise money for cancer programs and services at LIVESTRONG. Since losing my grandmother, college mentor, and uncle—and watching so many people take on this disease—I feel like the least I can do is try to make the lives of survivors a little easier by going on this adventure.

Last night, I was fortunate enough to hold an event and raise some more money for this cause. But the deadline for my fundraising goal is coming up and I still need to finish what I started back on January 15. So please donate in honor or memory of a loved one, and I’ll be honored to climb for them. With less than 45 days to go, your support would mean a lot to me!

The 365 Run Mission

LIVESTRONG grassroots fundraiser Jax Mariash is inspiring. Jax has run every day for the last 364 days and has logged over 3,000 miles in 54 cities, 15 states, and two countries. She runs in honor of her stepfather’s passing and for all those affected by cancer. She chose to raise money to benefit LIVESTRONG because of their comprehensive ability “to help someone from the second that they (are) diagnosed with tools and aid…to when they are in remission and trying to get back on their feet.” Tomorrow is her last day of running, but you can still check out her blog at:

Ways LIVESTRONG Helps Provide Emotional Support

Cancer can affect one’s relationships, friendships, family life, and marriage. LIVESTRONG helps individuals facing a cancer diagnosis manage tough times with plenty of support—specifically, by listening, connecting, educating, and offering resources. Read more in the link above to be inspired by the great ways LIVESTRONG truly goes beyond the yellow bracelet.


Imerman’s Angels

I recently received an email from a Texas 4000 alumnus who met a man named Johnny Imerman and learned about his battle against testicular cancer. Although he had supportive friends and family during his treatment, Johnny felt that he really wanted to talk with someone who could genuinely understand his diagnosis, had been in his shoes, and had survived. In this spirit, he created an organization to connect survivors to those currently battling cancer who are in need of this type of emotional support.

Imerman’s Angels strives to connect survivors with cancer patients based on age, location, gender, and cancer type. The group is looking for survivors willing to be an “angel,” peer, and friend to those currently battling cancer. They are not looking for monetary donations; they just want to match survivors willing to make a phone call or visit with individuals who could greatly benefit from the camaraderie and support. If you know someone that can help, please forward this information along to help empower cancer fighters and survivors everywhere.

Five Reasons to Serve Others

A practice of selfless giving is something that we all have access to, no matter who we are or what we do.

Lisa's reflections on summitting Kilimanjaro and raising over $10,000 for cancer programs and services at LIVESTRONG.